Email interessante dall’Iran

[…] Yes ! Although marriage is important here, it is so weird to hear they found a 12 years-old girl for him. Of course, I can’t deny it as it thought to be true in Moslem countries. They believe or act everything they are reading from Koran without cogitating(=thinking). You can imagine that they are in Renaissance Age. I refer to my mind all the time. I prefer to be scientific person….:):):)…
Please, bear in mind that we have many distinct (=different) views in Iran. We sometimes came to a different conclusions in comparison with Arabs (or Arabian Countries). Individually, I have no religion. I don’t pray or such things. I do whatever I like most or think better. I must tell you that we also have some limitations, which have come from our Islamic Government, that I can stand (=tolerate) them in any circumstances(=not at all). I , basically, dislike Islam. In my mind, Islam has many extremist ideas. Some of them(=rules) exist in Shiite Moslem, and some in Sunni. Those people you mentioned are supposed to be Sunnis. I talked with a young Sunni clergy last year. He believed that according to Koran I must be put to death (=execute) at once since I never pray !!!!!!! (stupidissimi)
According to Shiite , I , myself, can investigate to find a right religion. In the end of research, for example, I have found Christianity is better than Islam. I can’t change my way, because I have Shiite ancestors.(stupidissimi). For this reason, I dislike discriminate among people and trust (=believe) that human is human in every nation, color, or race.
Our Educational system is exactly alike.
Your TV programs are better than us. Ours are full of religious matters/events so that I dislike watching. […]
La mail mi è stata inviata da un amico iraniano che vive in Iran
Quello che conosciamo noi dell’Islam è una parte molto limitata e filtrata…

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