Even in death, non-believers can’t escape the crosses of Rome

Mrs. T. passed away at nearly 90 early this December. For many years she had been a mathematics teacher in a well-known high school in the capital: much loved by her students, she had left teaching to go on to manage, until just recently, one of the last truly authentic and cosmopolitan literary cafes in the historic downtown area. Mrs. T had arrived in Rome as a girl from the South, defying stereotypes and statistics, by being a life-time atheist,… Read more »

2020: Lombardy is the region with the highest clerical rate of the year

Lombardy is the region that in 2020 has shown the highest rate of institutional clericalism, according to the picture that emerges from the “Clericalata of the Week” section of the website of the Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (Uaar), which collects the most clerical statements and acts made by representatives of institutions or public functions. “The confessional initiatives in this region over the course of the past year have been countless“, comments Roberto Grendene, secretary of Uaar. “They range… Read more »

The not so subtle art of censorship double-standards in Genoa

In recent days, the manifestos of the no-choice fundamentalists against pharmacological abortion have aroused righteous scandal and indignation, after comparing the Ru486 pill to a poison and the woman taking it to a both suicidal and homicidal Snow White. Indignation that for once not only shocked civil society but also the very administrations of the cities in which the posters appeared. Milan, Rome, Trento in order of appearance have in fact promptly withdrawn and unsubscribed communication considered seriously damaging to… Read more »

Preserving the Rights of Those Who Don’t Attend Religion Classes: UAAR writes to Ministers Azzolina and Speranza

With the schools about to open, the Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (Unione degli Atei e degli Agnostici Razionalisti – Uaar) sent a letter to the minister of Health and to the minister of Education to verify how they mean to preserve the rights of all those students, aged from 3 to 18 years old and always growing in number, who do not want to endure the Catholic Religion Teaching. The public healthcare crisis we’re living, in facts, is… Read more »

We’ll be voting on the 150th anniversary of the Capture of Rome. When Politics forgets History

“Elections have been planned for September 20th, exactly the 150th anniversary of the Capture of Rome! Once again proof that the entire political class has forgotten the history, the achievements of freedom and secularism of our country. We’re willing to bet that had it been December 25th they would have paid more attention”. The secretary of the Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (Uaar), Roberto Grendene comments on the news that regional and municipal elections, as well as a… Read more »

Private schools to receive 8×1000 from the Catholic Church’s tax rebate? For once, we agree with the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI)

“While the country continues to navigate an extremely difficult phase, like clockwork the Catholic Church advances its demands for funding for Catholic private schools. The 120 million euro that has been allocated with the emergency act are not enough. They want a billion. It is always the same story: the government accommodates the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) by redirecting funds away from public schools, under the usual false pretense that private schools areessential, and it would be a disaster without them. A real bit… Read more »

Tax rebates to the State or the Church? Uaar is leading the conversation while the government takes a back seat

Starting today, Italians can send in their income tax forms and choose their preferred organization to receive 8‰ (eight one-thousandths, in Italy commonly known as 8×1000) of their income tax return. The Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (Uaar), which has always fought for the abolition of this mechanism that drains public resources in favor of selected religious denominations, in the face of the usual lack of interest of the State for its share, invites taxpayers to express an… Read more »

Religious celebrations are back: and the Catholic Church gets preferential treatment

«Once again, public policy is powerless over requests for special permissions coming from the Catholic Church. The government has given priority to religious meetings while other types of meetings continue to be banned (theaters, book presentations, meetings in social and cultural centers, cinemas, right down to education in public schools). Under pressure from the bishops, the government implemented a special regime for religious meetings, a special regime prohibited by sentence no. 45/1957 of the Constitutional Court. Freedom of assembly should… Read more »