Monthly Archives: March 2020

Uaar: more science and less Vatican on public television

“We have a RAI Vatican Channel (public information programming), religious tv series, a dedicated bishop’s channel, Vatican correspondents, TV reporting which almost always opens with irrelevant statements by the pope. And if that wasn’t already enough, now get the daily mass on RAI 1. There has never been a more appropriate time than now for our country to deserve a plurality of information, promoting research and the rational discussionof problems and solutions and instead what State TV thinks we need… Read more »

Coronavirus Emergency, Churches Are Open: a Scandal, Despite the Law

«It just seems that the only independent and sovereign thing in this land is that state inside the state which is the Church. Which doesn’t hesitate to   contravene the health provisions that apply to mere mortals. And, even worse, in fact instigates the commission of crimes and behaviors against the public health, and especialy against the safety of the most fragile persons. Our President of the Republic has been clear: “Italy is going through a difficult situation” and “in… Read more »