Monthly Archives: December 2020

Even in death, non-believers can’t escape the crosses of Rome

Mrs. T. passed away at nearly 90 early this December. For many years she had been a mathematics teacher in a well-known high school in the capital: much loved by her students, she had left teaching to go on to manage, until just recently, one of the last truly authentic and cosmopolitan literary cafes in the historic downtown area. Mrs. T had arrived in Rome as a girl from the South, defying stereotypes and statistics, by being a life-time atheist,… Read more »

2020: Lombardy is the region with the highest clerical rate of the year

Lombardy is the region that in 2020 has shown the highest rate of institutional clericalism, according to the picture that emerges from the “Clericalata of the Week” section of the website of the Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (Uaar), which collects the most clerical statements and acts made by representatives of institutions or public functions. “The confessional initiatives in this region over the course of the past year have been countless“, comments Roberto Grendene, secretary of Uaar. “They range… Read more »

The not so subtle art of censorship double-standards in Genoa

In recent days, the manifestos of the no-choice fundamentalists against pharmacological abortion have aroused righteous scandal and indignation, after comparing the Ru486 pill to a poison and the woman taking it to a both suicidal and homicidal Snow White. Indignation that for once not only shocked civil society but also the very administrations of the cities in which the posters appeared. Milan, Rome, Trento in order of appearance have in fact promptly withdrawn and unsubscribed communication considered seriously damaging to… Read more »